What to Do About Dragging Brakes

Is your car experiencing dragging brakes? This can be a frightening ordeal and occurs when the brakes remain partially applied even when your foot is not exerting any pressure on the pedal. We’ll explain the causes and what you can do about it. Common Causes of Dragging Brakes In some cases, brake drag occurs when…
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Technology’s Effects On Driving Skills

Car technology has evolved by leaps and bounds. Features, such as antilock brakes and parking assist have made driving easier and safer. However, this has also led to concerns that the technology is creating less proficient drivers. We’ll examine car technology’s effects on driving skills and how these apply to younger drivers. Does Car Technology…
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How to Keep Your Car Cool this Summer

A car cabin, as you probably know, can acquire oven-like temperatures when you park the vehicle outside for hours on end. This summer, make a goal of keeping your car cool by protecting it from the scorching sunrays. Why You Need to Keep Your Car Cool A sauna-like interior and hot-to-the-touch steering wheel are just…
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Reasons a Car Battery Charge Won’t Hold

Most motorists at one point had to use the jumper cables stashed away in the trunk when the car failed to start. Perhaps you left the headlights on, or the battery was simply too old. When a car battery charge won’t hold, the battery itself may not be the problem. The issue may be due…
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